awtar lebanese restaurant
awtar lebanese restaurant
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About Awtar
The inauguration of AWTAR started at Zouk Mikael  in june 1996 ; AWTAR Beirut was born on June 2002, at Monroe hotel – Ain el Mreisseh, Kennedy Street ; AWTAR Kfardebian- Faqra on June 2008 and finally Awtar Gold - Ashrafieh was born on September 2011  .

AWTAR is not similar to any other restaurant because you find it open seven days per week for lunch & dinner plus is distinguished by: Exquisite dishes. Best chefs in Lebanon. Excellent service. Vast spaces; special seating arrangements for corporations groups and associations between 270 – 350 persons.

Through that and by keeping up the latest in world entertainment trends, we can constantly provide you with the best, and at the same time attract even more tourists to come to Lebanon and appreciate Awtar’s experience.

Music is beyond limits from dawn to doom, enjoy to the full…Better than ever, tastier than ever, enjoyable more than ever. Join us at any branch of AWTAR.

We hope to have the pleasure of welcoming your esteemed guests at our Awtar group of  restaurant.

                                                                                                                       AWTAR  … YOUR  BEST  CHOICE



في سنة 1996 بدأت خطوة الألف الميل بإفتتاح مطعم أوتار في بلدة ذوق مكايل، يليها أوتار بيروت ،

  أوتار كفردبيان فقرا 
ومن ثم أوتار  غولد في الأشرفية . و ما يميز مطعم أوتار بجميع فروعه 

العاملين فيه المحترفين الذين يستقبلونك بابتسامة ساحرة وخدمة راقية ...

هذا إضافة الى برنامج أوتار الفني المتنوع والشيق ما بين الرقص الشرقي ، الطرب والموسيقى

الذي يستمر حتى ساعات الفجر الأولى ...

أوتار الحائز على جائزة نظافة المأكولات واللقمة الطيبة والخدمة العالية هو سلسلة مطاعم يغلب 

.عليها طابع الرقي والجودة  في كافة فروعه

Awtar Zouk
Located at the entrance of the old souk of Zouk Mikael “ AWTAR” restaurant overlooks the beautiful Jounie...
Awtar Beirut
Around Down Town Beirut  you will be fascinated by AWTAR Beirut at Monroe Hotel. Not far from the Beirut Na...
Awtar Gold Ashrafieh
Located in the middle of Ashrafieh area Borj el Ghazal  center.   Opens sev...
Awtar Kfardebian Faqra
Located near the  Faraya Mzaar resort Faqra is distant 54km from Beirut and it would take about 1:15 hours by ca...